Border Convention 2018 Breeding Survey

The Border Fancy in 2018 by all accounts has had the worst breeding season any one can remember, to try and improve the situation for 2019 we would like to ask fanciers across the country to help by filling in a survey.
The results of the survey will be used to formulate topics for articles and advice in the Journal and on the website.
All persons completing survey forms are assured of total anonymity.

For this survey to be of any benefit we need a minimum of 100 completed forms, but to give a much clearer picture 250 would be a better result.
The survey form can be viewed below.
To download a survey “click” on the red link button above.
Return all completed forms to
Secretary: Colin Egner,
Mill House, 69 North Street, West Butterwick, Scunthorpe. DN17 3JR

Border Convention 2018 Breeding Survey

Number of Hens

Number of Cocks

Rearing Method (a) Pairs

(b) Hen alone

(c) Feeders

(d) Combination (state)

Date started breeding,

Lighting system (a) Natural lighting

(b) Artificial Lighting

(c) Combination (state)

(d) Heating/Air conditioning (state Temp.)

(e) Humidity (a) Do you check humidity levels, yes no

(b) Was it high yes no don’t know

(c) Was it low yes no don’t know

(d) \what level do you set it at 80% 70% 60% 50% other

(e) Do you use a humidifier yes no

Feed : Seed (a) Commercial brand (state)

(b) Home mix (state)

Egg food (a) Commercial brand (state)

(b) Do you add other things to it in the first 7 days yes no (state)

(c) Do you add other things to it after 7 days yes no (state)

Green food (a) Type and frequency

Soaked seed (a) Type and frequency

Vitamins (a) Brand and frequency

Grit Do you use it yes no

Medication (a) product
(b) When

Incubation (a) Eggs removed as laid and set day 3-4 yes no

(b) Eggs not removed yes no

Number of hens not laying /showing no interest

Cock left with hen. (a) Yes

(b) No

Topped up (a) Yes commercial brand own (state)

(b) No

Infertile eggs low medium high

Dead in shell low medium high

Chick death 1 to 5 days (a) Yes

(b) No

6 to 10 days (a) Yes

(b) No

11 to 21 days (a) Yes

(b) No

Hens feeding Low Medium High

Mite Outbreak Yes Type (a) Red mite (b) Northern Treatment?

Hens died Number

Chicks going light after weaning, Number

Number Successfully Reared