The Chairman's Update

I.B.B.A Ronnie Sillitoe 5th Best2017
Merseyside 2017 3rd Best R Sillitoe


We are just over the half way mark of the show season and I would like thank everyone for supporting the clubs with decent entries considering the poor breeding season most endured. With a number of shows still to come I urge everyone to enter their birds so clubs can stay viable for hopefully a better year in 2019

On another note with reports of break ins and fanciers losing their birds not only is it heartbreaking for the people concerned but a disaster for the hobby, so I urge everyone to recheck there security and keep their stock safe. Just making a few changes can deter the thieves, so please everyone beware

Finally the breeding survey is coming to a close so if you haven’t filled one in please do so to help us to find some answers to the problems we all encountered whilst breeding. When the last few forms come in we will be posting the results and then asking top fanciers their views on how to prevent or cure our problems

The Border Convention has received an email from Simon Tamman stating that the com committee have had the vote on changing the standard of the excellence of the Border Canary set by the Border Convention ,
The motion was defeated by 8 votes to 2 meaning no change to judging standards can be made.
We would like to thank the delegates who supported the Border Conventions views on this matter .

Following on from the Border Convention meeting in August a Breeding questionaire/survey has been formulated and is available to download from this site .
I urge all secretaries and individual fanciers to try and get as many as possible to complete the questionaire/survey and return it to Colin Egner so we can formulate the questions that we can put to the most successful breeders to help everyone through the next breeding season and hopefully improve the results we all have. We need your help to save our wonderful hobby .

You might be surprised that I’ve written another update so soon, but two days after the committee meeting our Secretary received an e-mail from COM-UK asking us for our opinion on the proposal by the Dutch club NBvV Technische Commissie, to alter the points of the Border Convention Standard of Excellence, and also the Fife Federation Standard of Excellence.
This issue had already been raised to the committee by the German Border Club.
After a “round robin” to all available B.C. Committee members it was agreed to send the following letter to COM. UK :-

Dear Sir,
It has been brought to our attention by one of our affiliated clubs that the NBvV Technische Commissie,Kleure & Postuurkanarries is proposing a rule change to the points on our “Standard of Excellence”.

May I remind the committee that the Border Convention is the governing body of the Border fancy with affiliated clubs worldwide, and no change to the Standard of Excellence may be made unless a mandate from one of the member clubs is received and voted on at the Annual General Meeting, and receives a majority decision.

NBvV is not a member of the Convention and therefore cannot propose any rule changes, and common courtesy would have suggested they contacted the Border Convention before submitting the proposal.

The Border Convention is worried that the success of this proposal could mean that a dangerous precedence is set where any Governing body would no longer be involved in the development of their own breed of bird.

Finally as to bringing the Border and the Fife into alignment the two varieties are separate breeds, and it should be the right of their individual governing body to decide which attributes they wish to enhance by the use of the points awarded.
We as the governing body cannot express too strongly our objection to this proposal.

Colin Egner
Secretary to the Border Convention

Our secretary also liased with the Fife federation who sent a similar letter rejecting the proposal.

If the proposal is successful it would mean all borders judged by O.M.J. judges would be judged to this standard, including any Borders shown at next year’s World Show some of which will be from the U.K and from our affiliated clubs abroad.


The Border Convention committee held a meeting today the 12th August and the main outcome was the fancy needs help with breeding problems.
A way forward plan was talked about and with the help of Malcolm Barnett, Phil Warne and Brian Chandler I am confident we can help a lot of fanciers with the problems we all encounter .

Look out for Colin Egner posting on this website and if you have any questions send them to Colin and we can get the top border men to give you answers or suggestions to assist you solve problems.

I look forward to seeing you all at the shows and good luck to all exhibitors.


Many thanks for visiting our website after recently being elected as chairman,I would like to introduce myself to those who don’t know me , I live in a small village called Brotton on the North East coast near Middlesbrough, I have been involved in every aspect of bird clubs from tea boy to president and am currently on the committee of Cleveland Border & Fife FCC .

I have kept Borders most of my life, starting by looking after my grandads birds when I was a boy.

I am honoured to be chairman of the Border Convention and will do my best to keep this wonderful hobby going forward. At the present time I need everyone’s help as we are currently faced with D.E.F.R.A. trying to introduce the Animal Activities Licence, which will affect our clubs. our shows and the way we do things.

What can we all do ?

Firstly, we can download the letter to MPs that Colin has put on our website and send it off to our local M.P..

Secondly, we must remove sales classes in our schedules, as this can look like we are selling birds and look like traders.

Thirdly, we must change our personal adverts in schedules from "birds for sale October onwards", as this makes us look like traders, to "visitors welcome October onwards". A few of you will think this is drastic but having to buy a licence to keep birds is more drastic, and will result in more lost hobbyists, for essentially that is what we are.

Ronnie Sillitoe


I would like to thank the affiliated clubs for giving me the honour of being the chairman of the Border Convention.

The hobby has entered an era when clubs are struggling with low entries and fanciers getting older with very few youngsters taking up the hobby. Therefore my pledge to all involved in the fancy is that I will try my best to bring clubs together and look for ways to improve in all aspects of our precious hobby.

The committee have lots of ideas but we need everyone to to pull together and look for a way forward.
We have a few new younger committee members adding to the existing committee making a good blend of enthusiasm and wisdom .

I would like to see all clubs home and abroad take advantage of our fabulous journal and website by sending our secretary Colin Egner photos, adverts, stories, ideas and information that we can publish for everyone to read,which will also help to promote your Club. I also would like champions,novices and juniors to send in questions which will be answered by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable border men in the fancy.

With us all working together we will create a positive effect, resulting in a better outcome for everyone
I'm looking forward to the challenge ahead, which with your help and support will mean we can all enjoy our hobby for years to come.

Ronnie Sillitoe