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Outstanding Members Award

These Awards are for the grass root fanciers of the Border Fancy nominated by their Clubs, who year in year out have served the Fancy erecting and dismantling staging, sweeping up, making refreshments, washing up, selling raffle tickets, stewarding and long standing committee member.


In short these are the people who are the backbone of the Fancy never in the limelight and go unnoticed at shows, rarely having a bird on the top table whereas in reality without them most Clubs and Shows would cease to exist


Bob Legg


Bob Legg      2019   Cleveland        

For his contribution to our club and show over 40 years , Bob was there at the start of the club and there at our last show doing many roles within the club and will be sadly missed .

Bob would help anyone and was always encouraging the younger ones from around the country .  

DesHorswell DesHorswell

Des Horswell  2019  G.C.& W.  

Anyone that has visited our show in recent years will have been greeted by the friendly face of our President, Des Horswell.

Des is well in his eighties and has always been involved in birdkeeping from chickens, during his war time evacuation to his grandad's farm, to Budgies, Mules & Hybrids and finally Border Canaries.  Des was given his first Borders by a former work colleague, Bill Henley, in the 1950s and joined Bristol CBS where he met Bruce Sutton who it turned out was a relative.

Over the next 50 or so years, Des has had considerable show success culminating in winning 2nd Best Border to Alec Atkins in 1976.  He has also given his time as a judge and has judged all over the country including the National Exhibition in 1976 and the last ever Convention show in 1982.

Des was a founder member of the GC&W in 1959 and has held almost all the possible committee positions.

Reg Eagles Outstanding Members Award

Reg Eagles   British Border  2019

Bert Aldous    West Wales 2019

West Wales  2019 Bert Aldous B. C. Outstanding Member Brian Watts

Brian Watts   Cleveland 2019   

For 40 years loyal service to the Club