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Border & Fife Club Deutschland

  1. 11th Show oft the German Border & Fife Club
    (Border & Fife Club Deutschland BFCD)

    Show at the 14th and 15th November 2014
    in D-65582 Aull (near to Limburg/L., Frankfurt/M. area)

    Show manager: Mr. Arno Hof
    0049 6436 1701
    Info: Mr. Werner Kolter
    0049 2204 66836
    Mr. Walter Bohner 0049 2752 2118
    Mr. Arno Hof 0049 6436 1701

    Judges: John Barwick (Border)
    James Weaire (Fife)

    Show open: Saturday from 3 pm to 6 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm.

    (Posted on 2014-06-16 07:02:00 by Arno)

Danish Border & Fife Club

  1. Danish Border Fife Club Nordic Open Show sets new record.

    Despite severe storm “Bodils” harassing Northern Europe up to DBFs Nordic Open Show 2013, show managed to succeed with yet another record. Totally 291 Border and Fifes Fancy entries ( 50 Borders and 241 Fifes). This year’s show further featured 184 Glosters presented by newly founded Danish Gloster Special club.
    The Borders were judged by Andrew Triolo and the Fifes were judged by Patrick Major. Both did a tremendous job and had a great day together with the audience and exhibitors from both Germany and Denmark. Some of the German exhibitors had travelled impressive seven hours in order to participate in what remains the world’s most cozy bird show.
    The show was once again ruled by Baechler/Vadder and Frank Darling. Baechler/Vadder from Germany took best in show Fife Fancy and Frank Darling from Denmark once again stayed in front with best Border Fancy. Though both Baechler /Vadder and Frank Darling won they were both competing against extremely good birds from both Germany and Denmark. Thankfully both judges were able to precisely distinguish the true winners in all classes in a very professionally manner. DBF was very happy about the performance of the judges and hopes to see both again at other opportunities.
    All exhibitors congratulated with the show and stated that they were looking forward to next years show..
    Next show will be 06th December 2014.

    (Posted on 2013-12-14 09:26:00 by Henrik)
  2. In continuation of past summer it is here by the pleasure of Dansk Border Fife Klub to invite all interested to the Open Nordic Championship for Borders and Fife Fancy 2013
    Dansk Border Fife Klub has again been able to attract top judges to the world’s most cozy show in adventurous Odense, Denmark. From UK we are able to present not only one but two specialized judges.
    Andrew Triolo have accepted to judge the Borders. He is a well-known name in border societies and admired for his innovation in same. Andrew has kept Borders for more than 40 years and is at present undertaking several jobs in canary societies. Andrew Triolo has been judging abroad as well.
    Fife Fancy will be judged by Patrick Mayor. Patrick Major was appointed to the Fife Judges’ panel in 2004.
    Since then been lucky enough to judge a virtually every specialist show in Great Britain including the Fife
    Fancy, North of England, Midland, West of Scotland, North of Wales, International, Stafford and East
    Anglian. Have further been judging abroad in Belgium and Ireland

    The exhibition will as usually take place at Korup Skole Odense Denmark. The date will be 7th December. The show will be a one day exhibition. Registering can be done on the show day as well as the day before. UK birds are exempted with regards to fixed permanent rings.
    DBF is cooperating with The Danish Gloster special club and plan to carry out the exhibition together with the Gloster club. This will make it possible to show three canary races at the same place. More about the Gloster show can be found at their home page (www.gloster-special.dk)
    Again in 2013 DBF hopes to increase the number of participants from both Denmark and abroad. Come and help us in making this recurrent show very special for all Border and Fife Fancy breeders.

    Use this opportunity to have your birds rated by top judges and compete against some of Europe’s finest Border and Fife Fancy Canaries.

    Whether you are novice, new or old friend of Dansk Border Fife Klub, we look forward to see you!

    More information will be available on our homepage in due time.

    Best Regards
    On behalf of
    Dansk Border Fife Klub
    Henrik Holm
    HP: www.borderfife.dk

    (Posted on 2013-09-11 14:36:00 by Hinrik)

Dutch BFCC

Flemish BFCC

  1. Flemish Border winners on 12-11 16were Best in showP Huyghe
    2nd best P Huyghe
    3rd bestJ Geldof
    4th best Winkleman-Torfs
    th best Winkleman-Torfs 6th best P Huyghe 7th best P Huyghe

    (Posted on 2016-11-15 10:39:00 by Flemish Border&Fife)

Italy Border Club

  1. Shows 2018

    This year No show in Bologna first show in Faenza (Ra) 26/28 ottobre judge Rance J. // Jurik M . Second show Villarbasse (To) 10/11 novembre judge Ward T. Third show Castrocielo (Fr) 8/9 dicembre judge Guildea C.

    (Posted on 2018-03-04 17:02:00 by Paolo)
  2. The Castrocielo Annual Show was held today 30th November 2014 at “ SWANS LAKE RESTAURANT” a very striking natural oasis. Once again it was Mr. VALENTINO CHERUBINI with their outstanding exhibit of a beautiful unflighted Three-Parts Dark Green Buff Hen that took the Best in Show Award, and they also had 4th, 5th and 6th Best Awards. 2th Best was taken by Mr. Michele Apuzzo , a very nice flighted Three-Parts Dark Green Buff Hen. Mr. Pompeo Mattia took the 3rd Best Award with a excellent unflighted Variegated Yellow Hen and 7th Best Award with a unflighted Variegated Yellow Cock. Best Novice was De Giglio & De Giglio Partnership with a nice unflighted Variegated Yellow Hen. The Club would like to thank all those Exhibitors who support , some travelling considerable distance to do so. We would like to say a big thank you our Judge Mr. John Furley, who did a wonderful job of selecting the winners show. A very special word of thanks to Mr. Pompeo Mattia of Aquino, who organised the Show, the Hotel accomodation, the Gala Dinner and banqueting suite. Lastly thank you to stewarding teams and to myself for help given to Judge all day.
    Antonio Montano (Publicity Officer)


    (Posted on 2014-12-01 08:36:00 by Colin)
  3. The new Secretary is Paolo Soban
    E-mail : [email protected]

    (Posted on 2013-02-18 09:16:00 by Paolo)

North American Border Club

  1. Obituary for Paul Dee
    Paul Dee, age 79, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 surrounded by his family at his farm in Peotone, Illinois. He was born on January 15, 1938 in Ballylongford, County Kerry, Ireland, where he found his love for animals and especially found his passion for his border canaries.

    (Posted on 2017-12-01 09:02:00 by Colin)
  2. I just wanted to update you on the URL change for the North American Border Club website. The new URL is http://nabclub.wix.com/nabc

    (Posted on 2015-07-21 08:32:00 by Leng Lim)
  3. The 2014 winner for the US National was Mr. Paul Dee, with a lightly var buff hen

    (Posted on 2014-12-02 08:44:00 by Tony Fiumerodo)
  4. The 2012 Border winner of the US National, was won by Tony Fiumerodo
    of Newbury Park, California with an
    unflighted YVC

    (Posted on 2013-02-24 06:27:00 by Gabe Dillon)

Southern Border Specialist Society Of South Africa

Istanbul Border Club

  1. Istanbul Border Club Show
    Best In Show - Fikret Ozbora
    2nd best - Umit Tulek
    3rd best - Enen Yag
    4th best - Mahmut Yiryan
    5th best - Ensen Yag
    6th best - Mustafa Isci
    7th best - Fikret Ozbora

    Judges - Malcolm Barnett
    Colin Egner
    The judges would like to congratulate all the exhibitors on the standard of excellence of the Borders

    (Posted on 2012-12-08 08:00:00 by bordercommitee)

Turkey Border Club

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