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Bird Show Licence Information


Good morning Colin,


Further to your telephone call, please find attached form that can be used to compile the necessary information of bird gatherings to notify The Animal and Plant Health agency as required by the General Licence. Please return this information to or by post to Isca Building, Manley House, Kestrel Way, Exeter, Devon EX2 7LQ.


Details of the General Licence can be found at Please make yourself aware of this so that you can ensure you are complying with the conditions of the licence.


I have also attached a document that includes a declaration form to be used by participants. Please be aware the zones listed have now been lifted.



Many thanks

Suzie Veitch

Suzie Veitch

APHA Customer Advice Team


Good morning,

Further to your telephone call regarding your upcoming Bird gathering. I have attached the relevant template that can be used to notify APHA of all the relevant details to comply with the conditions of the General Licence, as stated on GOV.UK. You will need to comply with the conditions of the General Licence to hold a Bird Gathering and return the information via email to . I have included a link below for your convenience:


Following a number of outbreaks of a virulent strain of Newcastle Disease in small poultry flocks, commercial layers and other captive birds in Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. The risk of a disease outbreak in the UK has been raised from low to Medium (meaning ‘outbreak likely to occur’).


Although the risk has increased, government has advised shows and gatherings can still take place subject to increased vigilance and rigid compliance with a biosecurity plan, as required by the current General Licence.  As an added precaution we are advising organisers of gatherings to require all exhibitors and participants to complete and sign the attached declaration, confirming that birds at the event have not been outside of the UK within the last 21 days. That none of the birds are showing any signs of, or been in contact with birds showing any clinical signs of Newcastle Disease.


Please find attached declaration to be printed and signed by each bird exhibitor attending the event. Failure to produce this document duly signed and completed will result in their birds being prevented from entering the premises or taking part in the event.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Kind regards,


Alice Burnell


APHA Customer Advice Team


Animal and Plant Health Agency(APHA)


Telephone: 03000 200 301 Fax:02080 260 187


Website: | Twitter: @APHAgovuk | Facebook: aphagov


Address: Isca Building, Manley House, Kestrel Way, Exeter, Devon EX2 7LQ

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