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The Border Convention AGM was  held today with delegates coming from 8 clubs in total 15 turned up to the meeting. 

Tim Ward was elected President and thanks given to Johnny Beddows on being  President over the last 2 years .


The treasurers job was not filled but it was agreed that Colin would work with Alan Smalley to learn how things work and Alan would take over in 2025.

Gary Belsey was elected to the  Border Convention Judges "A" panel.


The standard classification mandate was passed which will unify all shows and make it easier for fanciers ,if help is needed altering schedules get in contact and Colin will direct you to assistance. 


The journal was discussed and it was felt something new was needed so plans to have a year book full of information was discussed and a working committee set up to formulate this .


Stuart Mason and Alan Wilson have joined the committee .


Clubs in attendance got their Border Convention glass trophies for 2024 ,hopefully everyone will receive theirs via shows etc .






The Border Convention committee held a meeting on Sunday 14th January 2024 and the following were the bullet points


Colin said that he was unable to continue as temporary treasurer with the workload of all his other tasks being to much .

A good discussion was held about the journal and a few ideas were put forward for the clubs to decide at the AGM


Two mandates regarding a generic classification  for all clubs were read out and will be voted on at the AGM


Richard Thorley asked Colin to tell fanciers if they pay for their rings or subs on BACS to attach there name or inform Colin that they have paid.


Al Brown brought up a query on who owns the Border Convention model and he was told the Border Convention does .


Thanks to all 12 who attended .



Following the Border Convention committee meeting on 30 July 2023, the main points discussed were.

The Border Convention Journal 

It was decided to suspend the magazine after the September issue until a decision by all the clubs at the AGM is made on its future the reason for this is production cost, postage cost and sales making it unviable to keep it going in the present format .


The National exhibition run by North Staffs supported by the convention Committee will go ahead with plans been made now.


Bird flu.

We are making very very slow progress with DEFRA/APHA on this due to them not replying or making it difficult for information to be got ,we continue to keep trying.



This is a message to all Clubs.


In order to have your Show promoted on the website and in the journal, and to have your schedule available to download from the website you must pay the affiliation fee of £25 to the temporary treasurer Colin Egner as soon as possible. 

When you have affiliated you will receive 2 Border Convention awards for Best Novice and Best champion (new for this year) and have access to the above ,only affiliated clubs will be promoted, if you have a problem with paying please contact myself or Colin. 

Clubs that have paid their fees for 2021-2022-2023 will receive a one off payment of £50 which was agreed at the 2022 AGM.


 Colin has taken over as Treasurer on a temporary basis so the Border Convention can continue to function. However, this is not an ideal situation we are looking for a fancier to join the committee and take on this role.

If anyone is interested in taking up this important role please contact myself or Colin to discuss the position




The 2023 AGM took place in Nottingham and 7 clubs were represented. 

With good discussions taking place it was a positive meeting but disappointing with the turn out .

In brief the accounts were in a healthy place , Colin Egner will stand in as treasurer pro temp,  but will advertise on the website for someone to take the job .

The bird flu situation was brought forward by Colin and he updated us all on the situation more to follow .

The oat husk situation has been resolved with Mick Jurik having a good supply .

The chairman told the meeting he was in contact with Haiths for a discount on seed for the convention members but as yet they haven't made any decision. 

The rosettes the convention supply to all paid up clubs will be replaced with small trophies.

All clubs who have paid affiliations for 2021/2022/2023 will receive £50 as a one off .

Richard Thorley has taken over as ring secretary 

Tim Ward was voted in as president elect. 

Al Brown will take over as minute secretary.

I would like to thank all who attended, and thank you to the Acacia centre at Nottingham for their hospitality 



16. 01.2023

The Border Convention committee held a meeting at Nottingham due to the usual meeting place being unavailable, with a good turn out and good conversations had.

Colin told the meeting that Bob Hodges and Ian Perrier have both resigned due to lack of leadership and he went on to read both resignation letters out .

A good discussion was held on the journal viability and possibly a new format to be put to the AGM .

Colin told the meeting that he  had some responses from A.P.H.A. but that he was writing to the chief veterinary officers of England,  Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales for clarity on bird flu .

Also that he had been trying to get a meeting to discuss bird flu but had not had anything back.

Brian McCauley and Vitor Neves have been put forward for the judges panel.

I took the opportunity to thank all clubs and committees for getting shows on and all exhibitors for travelling to them .




We have received the following reply today from A.P.H.A. Scotland

Avian influenza (bird flu): how to spot and report the disease - ( there is a lot of information in these pages


More specifically -this is the current general licence for bird gatherings and details those excluded from permission to be gathered.


These pages are updated regularly as the situation with AI develops and restrictions are changed accordingly.


Avian influenza (bird flu): Bird gathering general licence - (


Kind Regards




Lindsay Murray VA

Veterinary Advisor Field Delivery Scotland

This does not include any new information other than what has been available for the last 12 months and will have been read by all applying for licences.

Galashiels was originally turned down for a licence because the birds were coming from different locations A. P.H.A. must have missed their own ruling

2. This licence permits the gathering of other captive birds which include:

  • Columbiformes (including doves and pigeons);

  • Passerines (including finches, budgerigars and canary);

  • Psittaciformes (including parrots, macaws, cockatiels);

  • Falconiformes (including hawks, harriers, buzzards, eagles);

  • Strigiformes (including owls); and

  • Racing pigeon gatherings for pigeon racing within the UK, Republic of Ireland and the Crown Dependencies.v


Following the cancellation of the B.C.A show at Galashiels and the subsequent confusion of information coming from A.P. H.A Scotland.

We have made 4 phone calls seeking clarification of the current position in Scotland each time they say will send us clarification and receiving no response we have sent the following e-mail.

To whom it may Concern including the Chief Vet Officer

As Secretary for the Border Convention (umbrella organisation for 34 Border canary clubs in UK and Europe of which 5 are in Scotland).

I am writing for clarification on the following points for our website.

Can bird show still be held in Scotland under licence?

Can birdkeepers from non-infected and surveillance zones still travel to Shows?

The reason I am being forced to ask for this clarification is one of our member Clubs (Border Canary Association in Galashiels) received a text from the Duty Vet Pilar Santos Blas informing them they could not hold a Show. Therefore, they cancelled the show immediately only to receive a further text 2 days later giving permission for the show to go ahead. (The day before the show)

This has caused a loss of revenue to the Club and a large financial cost in advertising, postage, printing of schedules and catalogues.

Many of the exhibitors who had booked accommodation for the weekend had to pay cancellation fees.

Whilst as stockmen we realise if there was an outbreak in the vicinity of the venue the show would have to be cancelled at the last minute we would still appreciate some Clarity.

I personally have had four conversations with your staff and have been promised replies none of which have been forth coming.

Yours sincerely

Colin Egner



3 March 2022.

The Border Convention AGM took place with 11 clubs in attendance .

The main points were as follows 


President Johnny Beddows

Chairman  Ronnie Sillitoe 

Vice chair  Tim Ward 

Secretary   Colin Egner 

Treasurer   Bob Hodges

Minutes     Ian  Perrier 

Auditor       Ian Perrier

Teller          Alan Smalley 


A good discussion on the journal took place and some changes will be made.


5 new judges were elected onto the A panel

Mick King

Pete Selby

Martin Thomas 

Paul Wright

Andre Van den Eynde 


It was decided the Convention committee would contact all clubs to ask what we could help them with ie advertising, help on show day ,club advertising or anything else .


The judges list has been regionalised and will be sent out to secretary's to help find out who's not available to judge .


The committee welcomed new members Keith Wadkin, Martin Thomas and Al Brown  


Bob Hodges gave the accounts and things are going in the right direction.



At the January meeting the committee welcomed Ian Perrier and Bob Hodges to the committee. 

It was announced North Staffs will host the Border section at the National, supported by members of the Border Convention committee. 

The ring scheme this year will have orange rings and brown rings as we have a stock of orange rings from 6 years ago which have now been changed to brown to keep in line with the rest of the world so will sell them off and buy some brown for fanciers .

It was decided to look at the Aims and objectives and rules to update both for the website.

The journal will be looked at for viability, improvement and also content.

A discussion on the future of the hobby was looked at and will be put to the AGM for clubs to discuss.

Many thanks to all  2021 exhibitors for supporting the the clubs who were able to get a show on due to Covid and bird flu ,the hard work and dedication of clubs and their members allows us all to have a catch up and show our birds and enjoy our hobby. 




The 2021  Border Convention delayed AGM took place today a brief account is as follows.


Richard Thorley stood down as treasurer due to work commitments and Bob Hodges was elected as the new treasurer.

Tim Ward stood down as ring scheme secretary and Bob Hodges agreed and was elected to do this as well.

Many thanks to Richard and Tim for the hard work they have both put in during these difficult times.


The mandate from the BCA to use Tierwhol instead of oathusks was defeated by 8 votes to 1 vote meaning  oathusks will remain the showcage floor covering .


Ian Perrier and Bob Hodges were both elected onto the Border Convention committee .






Hi all, it's been a long time since we all got together and had a show, hopefully with the vaccines roll out things will improve and these

bleak times will pass, please try and stay safe and adhere to the government's restrictions until times improve.

The Border Convention journal has been delayed because of the late transfer of accounts to the new treasurer Richard Thorley. on the phone to access on line banking and setting up the Franking machine for the journals postage whilst still working in the building industry. Richard has told me he has finally got the necessary

paperwork through and the journal will be on its way as soon as Simon Tammam gets it in the post. I would personally like to thank Richard for his hard work to get us in this position.

Tim Ward has been doing a good job with the ring scheme whilst also still working as a builder with most of his weekend taken up, sending rings out so please be patient if your rings are a bit delayed, many thanks Tim.

Due to the changeover of treasurers a few cheques sent to Malcolm, Richard or Tim have been delayed in getting put into the bank and are out of

There was no committee meeting in January and there will be no A.G.M. in March due to Government restrictions so we will wait for new Government

information to see when this can go forward.

Take care and don’t forget to pick up the phone and have a chat with each other.






Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, and the cancellation of many Shows and Sale days due to local and National restrictions the website will give fanciers with surplus birds a chance to advertise their birds on the new sales page. The advert will be free to all paid up journal subscribers, and at a cost of £10.00 for non-subscribers.

Send your advert as a word document to


Adverts will remain on the site until the advertiser informs us all the birds are sold.

There is a mock up advert already on the page for guidance. However, anyone requiring assistance formulating an advert please contact Colin.

The Border Convention accepts no responsibility or liability for the information given in these adverts. All transactions are between vendor and purchaser.


2020 Show Season


As the Government ease the restrictions on lockdown and more things are opened up the future seems more positive for our shows to take place.

Although it is early days, we must be thinking now about the challenges that may lie ahead and we must formulate a strategy to prove to exhibitors and the authorities we can run our shows and at the same time keep them safe.

With this in mind we are looking for constructive ideas and thoughts how we can achieve our goals


Challenges to Overcome


1. Will your venue allow shows?

2. The Social Distancing 2-metre rule, this needs careful thought about, and a plan actioned to respect this and implemented in the venue.

3. Hand sanitisers for use by everyone. Masks possibly to be worn?

4. Toilet facilities will have to have a dedicated cleaner.

5. Exhibitors viewing the birds

6. Catering.

7. Deep cleaning the Show Hall. Before and after the show.

8. Picking up birds from fanciers that are shielding.


Suggested Solutions


1, Schools may be more reluctant than some other venues, but at the end of the day a show can only be held if you have a possible alternate venue.

2. Social distancing this is easily rectified by the use of marker tape, however it may well restrict the amount of staging that can be erected limiting the number of birds that can be exhibited.

This could be overcome by limiting the number of exhibitors i.e. only exhibitors residing within a certain distance of the show, or limiting the numbers of birds an exhibitor can enter or a combination of the two.

3. Hand sanitisers are not really a problem but do not leave it to the last minute to purchase them,

Masks similarly.

4. The biggest challenge with the toilet facilities is finding someone to do it and be responsible for the queuing system. Not forgetting plenty of disinfectant and soap.

5. Viewing the birds after judging this again will depend on the size of the venue but in most venues, it will be beneficial to have a one-way system and limiting the number of exhibitors in the hall. Alternatively having no exhibitors viewing the birds is a possibility, exhibitor drop off their birds and pick them up with a comprehensive catalogue at the end of the show is a feasible solution.

6. Catering this will have to abide by government guidelines.

7. Deep cleaning, is something that will have to be done and may have to be costed in as an extra expense.

8. Some fanciers who are shielding to protect themselves, or a family member might appreciate the offer of someone to take a box of birds for them.


Lastly, for now we are working to formulate a credible method statement and risk satisfy the relative authorities.


If you think you have a positive suggestion or thought e-mail Colin on joanandcolin1@btinternet .com

or ring Ronnie 07810302802





I have been in contact with a few seed suppliers and it's a bit like the supermarkets lots of bird keepers have been stockpiling sacks of seed and eggfood, the suppliers have told me theres plenty of stock so please spare a thought for the people who can only buy a sack at a time .

Now that we are all housebound what about ringing around and talking to some of the fanciers who are on there own or sending emails to make sure they have what they need and try and help everyone get through this difficult time .

For those a bit more adventurous why not put pen to paper and write an article for the journal or website about your experiences at shows breeding ,funny story's or anything that our fanciers will enjoy .

To everyone please stay safe and dont forget to check in on the elderly.



The AGM of the Border convention took place on Sunday the 15th march 2020 with 11 clubs represented and 19 people attending.

Malcolm Scott has stood down as treasurer, ring secretary and minute secretary, malcolm has done a great job for many years and we would all like to wish him well ,

Bobby Parker is the new President an honour he deserves for the tireless work he and his late wife isobel have done in scotland.

Richard Thorley is now the treasurer.

Tim Ward is now the ring secretary .

Ron Sillitoe the minutes secretary .

Subs will remain the same for 2020 at £25 per club payable now

The mandate from Nottingham on a judges training scheme was passed by 9 votes to 4 votes (2 postal votes included)

The ratification for the 2019 Cleveland mandate on judging novices first was passed 9 votes to 2 votes .

P Neil  N Ireland,A Telford N Ireland,F Lepore Italy  All voted on to the A panel for judging

A Giove italy  voted on to the B panel for judging




The Border Convention committee had a meeting on the 5th January 2020 and these were the main points


The NORTHERN BFCC want the 2019 mandate from Cleveland ratifying at the AGM regarding novice birds getting judged first

as they are not happy with this rule.


It was decided by the committee that a code of conduct and ethics should be brought in to give the Border Convention committee the ability to deal with problems caused by social media,at shows and gatherings of fanciers.


A mandate had been received by NOTTINGHAM BFCC in regard to a judges training scheme which will allow a fast track to promote new judges.


Richard Thorley has been nominated to become the new treasurer.


Bobby Parker will become the new president


Applications to the A panel were received from

Phil Neil

Alan Telford

Frank lepore


Application to go on the B panel was received from

Antonio Giove


The website has had 103,000 hits


A treasurers report was given where a number of adverts hadn't been paid for and will be chased up


Journal report

A number of clubs still had not sent in show reports

The editor was told that the next journal will have to be proofed before printing as the committee were not happy with the lay out .

Nigel leader asked if the vet could help us to obtain products that he used in his articles or recommend alternatives if they were not available without a vets certificate



Ring scheme

Tim ward told the committee we have sold 3500 rings so far and expected orders to continue


Suggestion box

The suggestion box had brought a few ideas to be looked at


Supporting clubs

A number of ways of supporting struggling clubs was discussed and this item will be talked about in the July meeting


Updating the judges list

The committee have decided to send out forms via clubs , journal and website for judges to fill in so we can have an accurate list of judges


Oat husks

Jimmy Aitcheson was concerned that getting oat husks was going to be a problem it was talked about and Adam Pearce was going to bring some to the AGM for clubs to distribute




Now that the last show of the season has finished I would like to thank all the hard working club teams that have put on some great shows .

The quality of exhibits has been excellent and a big thank you to all who have supported the clubs with a decent number of birds at most shows considering the poor breeding season a lot of people had.

Now is the time to make preparations for the 2020 breeding season, on the border convention website there are some great articles written by some top breeders on most subjects and well worth a read .

In January/February most clubs will be holding their AGM so please go along and support your local club and volunteer to help if possible, because with your support the show could be even better, and the workload taken off the few who tirelessly give their time to make our hobby great .

Once again thank you for your support and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and an excellent breeding season.


Remember use it or lose it

Regards Ronnie



This weekend most of us are heading to the British Border for the International competition hoping to see the very best borders on show and I am sure we won’t be disappointed,

The Border Convention committee will be in attendance for you to pay your club subs , journal subs and collect your rings for the 2020 breeding season which will be on sale from Tim Ward at the show .

The Border Convention committee are also holding a Fanciers Meeting on Saturday morning at the Daresbury hotel a     9-45am for you to come along with ideas or thoughts on our fantastic hobby ,so please make the effort to attend and hopefully we can find a way forward between all of us to keep our precious hobby alive .




The start of the show season has been promising with entries slightly up on last year and some quality birds on show , if you haven’t exhibited yet please support the clubs to keep our hobby going your entries are needed.

Whilst at the shows it’s a great time to pick up your breeding season necessities ie vitamins , minerals , calcium, nest felts , nesting materials and charcoal etc , anyone following the breeding programs in the journal or website make a list and get them at shows with stalls this also benefits the clubs with a bit of sponsorship from stall holders .

Malcolm Scott doesn’t think he will be able to travel to shows this year so alternative arrangements have been made to collect subs , journal subscriptions etc the people to contact are Ron Sillitoe, Colin Egner, Phil Dewland and Richard Thorley and they will give you a receipt for monies paid.

Tim Ward has taken over from Malcolm selling rings for 2020 and has a stock with him at shows so please see Tim and save postage by getting them at the shows .

Finally good luck to everyone showing this season and a big thank you to all club officials and judges for the hard work they do because without them we wouldn’t have a hobby .

bc header

The Chairman's Update

Highlights from the meeting held on the 28 July 2019-07-30


The main points from the meeting at Cannock were that get well soon wishes are sent to Bob Norman and Paul England who have both had a spell in hospital.


The correspondence was discussed and letters sent out to relevant parties


The Journal was discussed and new issue dates were made, it will now be sent out in the middle of September, December and April the reason for this is more help for the next breeding season can be in the journal in December and problems during breeding in the April edition.


It was pointed out by the secretary that show adverts can be sent in now, this will inform anybody interested in showing at your show, so please use this facility. Also we would like clubs to send in their Club profile.


The idea of giving clubs medals to present instead of rosettes was discussed and this will be implemented when the stock of rosettes are finished.


It was discussed that clubs with more than a six hour journey to the border convention AGM could have a postal vote on mandates only, this was passed on a trial for the 2020 AGM only and will be looked at for future AGM’S if it’s a success.


It was decided to scrap the AGM £100 raffle as it hasn’t brought any more clubs to the meeting.


The secretary pointed out that a certificate is available to clubs for outstanding members who are nominated by the club for hard work and dedication over the years, this is an annual award for a member, so please can you send in your nominations.


it was pointed out by the treasurer that some clubs might have made an oversight and forgotten to pay their annual subscription,which was  is due at the AGM , it would be appreciated if clubs could contact Malcolm Scott and discuss this with him.


Tim Ward has now taken over the ring scheme from Malcolm Scott and will be selling rings at the shows, so please contact Tim for more information.


Finally i look forward to seeing you all at the shows so good luck for the season




Hopefully most fanciers will have a better breeding season this year but if you’re having a problem contact Colin no matter how small or big it is and we will try our best to help you.


My season has started well for me with only a few expected problems but as the season goes on no doubt it will get harder. A few of the problems I’ve had are a couple of unflighted hens laying and not sitting and one unflighted hen laying soft shell eggs the none sitters have since laid more eggs and are now sitting and the soft shell egg problem was cured giving this particular hen extra calcium in the water and mixed in with the egg food.


I was reading the Border Convention journal and when I got to Bob Hodges spotlight I was very disappointed to read he doesn’t know what the Border Convention does!!! Which is very similar to my wife saying I don’t know what you do in that bird room, you’re in there for hours and hours and hours!!!


We are trying to find a format for the journal which will make it more appealing to everyone so if you have any ideas you think might be good please get in contact . The committee have a few good things in the pipeline which will be formulated in the July committee meeting at Cannock.



Sunday 10th March was the A.G.M. of the Border Convention and the election of officers saw only one change with Tim Ward becoming the Ring Scheme secretary he will liaise with Malcolm Scott and take over after this year’s rings have been sent out.


Voted in as President elect is Bobby Parker from the Mother club B.F.C.C., this is much deserved for all his hard work and dedication to the fancy.


Adam Pearce was elected on to the committee making a very welcome addition.


There were two mandates to be voted upon the first was from Wessex BFCC asking for a date and venue change of the Border Convention AGM, this was defeated by a large majority.


The second mandate was from Cleveland B&FFCC asking for clubs to judge novice entries first, this was passed with a small majority.


Paul Wright’s application to go onto the ^B” panel judging list was accepted, congratulations Paul.


An item for discussion came up regarding TPD/HV birds being wrong classed and whether we should amalgamate these classes this was defeated by a large majority.


Finally a discussion took place on maintaining the judges list as many people on it now not judging , a few clubs agreed to contact people when they enter birds at this year’s show.


I would like to thank all 15 clubs and committee members that attended especially with the weather being so bad.




It’s now leading up to the breeding season and it’s time to get our birds ready for what we hope will be a much better year .


There  are many good articles and ideas for you to look at and use on our fantastic website, and if anyone needs that extra bit of help email Colin Egner and we will try our best to assist you.


We have some great ideas for our Journal which we hope to bring in this year, but we are always willing to listen and print anything that will be advantageous  to our readers .


Finding stories,articles and information is left up to a few people who are dedicated to the fancy, but is this the fairest way to do things ?

So I urge all of the committee, Clubs and individuals to assist us in our mission to make the journal something that we are proud of, full of information to help us move forward in our hobby, the journal was set up for results from our shows and has evolved in to what it is today but I think with more helpful information we can do better so I challenge anyone to go out of their way to get information from seed suppliers, softfood manafactures, supplement sellers or any topic that can be useful





We are just over the half way mark of the show season and I would like thank everyone for supporting the clubs with decent entries considering the poor breeding season most endured. With a number of shows still to come I urge everyone to enter their birds so clubs can stay viable for hopefully a better year in 2019


On another note with reports of break ins and fanciers losing their birds not only is it heartbreaking for the people concerned but a disaster for the hobby, so I urge everyone to recheck there security and keep their stock safe.  Just making a few changes can deter the thieves, so please everyone beware


Finally the breeding survey is coming to a close so if you haven’t filled one in please do so to help us to find some answers to the problems we all encountered whilst breeding. When the last few forms come in we will be posting the results and then asking top fanciers their views on how to prevent or cure our problems





The Border Convention has received an email  from Simon Tamman stating that the com committee have had the vote on changing the standard of the excellence of the Border Canary set by the Border Convention ,

The motion was defeated by 8 votes to 2 meaning no change to judging standards can be made.

We would like to thank the delegates who supported the Border Conventions views on this matter .  





Following on from the Border Convention meeting in August a Breeding questionaire/survey has been formulated and is available to download from this site .

I urge all secretaries and individual fanciers to try and get as many as possible to complete the questionaire/survey and return it to Colin Egner so we can formulate the questions that we can put to the most successful breeders to help everyone through the next breeding season and hopefully improve the results we all have. We need your help to save our wonderful hobby .





You might be surprised that I’ve written another update so soon, but two days after the committee meeting our Secretary received an e-mail from COM-UK asking us for our opinion on the proposal by the Dutch club NBvV Technische Commissie, to alter the points of the Border Convention Standard of Excellence, and also the Fife Federation Standard of Excellence.

This  issue had already been raised to the committee by the German Border Club.

After a “round robin” to all available B.C. Committee members it was agreed to send the following letter to COM. UK :-


Dear Sir,

It has been brought to our attention by one of our affiliated clubs that the NBvV Technische Commissie,Kleure & Postuurkanarries is proposing a rule change to the points on our “Standard of Excellence”.


May I remind the committee that the Border Convention is the governing body of the Border fancy with affiliated clubs worldwide, and no change to the Standard of Excellence may be made unless a mandate from one of the member clubs is received and voted on at the Annual General Meeting, and receives a majority decision.


NBvV is not a member of the Convention and therefore cannot propose any rule changes, and common courtesy would have suggested they contacted the Border Convention before submitting the proposal.


The Border Convention is worried that the success of this proposal could mean that a dangerous precedence is set where any Governing body would no longer be involved in the development of their own breed of bird.


Finally as to bringing the Border and the Fife into alignment the two varieties are separate breeds, and it should be the right of their individual governing body to decide which attributes they wish to enhance by the use of the points awarded.

We as the governing body cannot express too strongly our objection to this proposal.


Colin Egner

Secretary to the Border Convention


Our secretary also liased with the Fife federation who  sent a similar letter rejecting the proposal.


If the proposal is successful it would mean all borders judged by O.M.J. judges would be judged to this standard, including any Borders shown at next year’s World Show some of which will be from the U.K and from our affiliated clubs abroad.






The Border Convention committee held a meeting today the 12th August and the main outcome was the fancy needs help with breeding problems.

A way forward plan was talked about and with the help of Malcolm Barnett, Phil Warne and Brian Chandler I am confident we can help a lot of fanciers with the problems we all encounter .


Look out for Colin Egner posting on this website and if you have any questions send them to Colin and we can get the top border men to give you answers or suggestions to assist you solve problems.


I look forward to seeing you all at the shows and good luck to all exhibitors.





Many thanks for visiting our website after recently being elected as chairman,I would like to introduce myself to those who don’t know me , I live in a small village called Brotton on the North East coast near Middlesbrough, I have been involved in every aspect of bird clubs from tea boy to president and am currently on the committee of Cleveland Border & Fife FCC .


I have kept Borders most of my life, starting by looking after my grandads birds when I was a boy.


I am honoured to be chairman of the Border Convention and will do my best to keep this wonderful hobby going forward. At the present time I need everyone’s help as we are currently faced with D.E.F.R.A. trying to introduce the Animal Activities Licence, which will affect our clubs. our shows and the way we do things.


What can we all do ?


Firstly, we can download the letter to MPs that Colin has put on our website and send it off to our local M.P..


Secondly, we must remove sales classes in our schedules, as this can look like we are selling birds and look like traders.


Thirdly, we must change our personal adverts in schedules from "birds for sale October onwards", as this makes us look like traders, to "visitors welcome October onwards". A few of you will think this is drastic but having to buy a licence to keep birds is more drastic, and will result in more lost hobbyists, for essentially that is what we are.


Ronnie Sillitoe






I would like to thank the affiliated clubs for giving me the honour of being the chairman of the Border Convention.


The hobby has entered an era when clubs are struggling with low entries and fanciers getting older with very few youngsters taking up the hobby. Therefore my pledge to all involved in the fancy is that I  will try my best to bring clubs together and look for ways to improve in all aspects of our precious hobby.


The committee have lots of ideas but we need everyone to to pull together and look for a way forward.

We have a few new younger committee members adding to the existing committee making a good blend of enthusiasm and wisdom .


I would like to see all clubs home and abroad take advantage of our fabulous journal and website by sending our secretary Colin Egner photos, adverts, stories, ideas and information that we can publish for everyone to read,which will also help to promote your Club.  I also would like champions,novices and juniors to send in questions which will be answered by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable border men in the fancy.


With us all working together we will create a positive effect, resulting in a better outcome for everyone

I'm looking forward to the challenge ahead, which with your help and support will mean we can all enjoy our hobby for years to come.


Ronnie Sillitoe  




I.B.B.A Ronnie Sillitoe 5th Best2017
Merseyside 2017 3rd Best R Sillitoe
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