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North of Scotland


Nottinghamshire Border Fancy Canary Club,

2022 Annual General Meeting

On Tuesday 8th March at 7.30pm

at the Acacia Centre


All Welcome.


Enquiries:- 0115 9700319

Northern Ireland

At the recent A.G.M. of the above

the following officers were appointed


President   R Kincaid

Chairman   E Grant

Secretary   J Patterson

Treasurer   C Mc Burney

Show Secretary  W Beggs

Asst Show Secretary  C Mc Burney

Show Manager  J Harvey 

Patronage Secretary J Harvey


The date of the annual show is 10th Dec.

The judge will be Jim Mc Kay


2022 Annual  Show

We are looking forward to getting back to normal.

Southern Border FCC Show Venue  Pratts Bottom,


Saturday 29th October 2022.


Ronnie Sillitoe & John Rance.


Sussex and Kent


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