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British Border 2021 Show


British Border fully intend on holding a show on19th / 20th November2021.

Due to Bob Norman's health issues, Tim Ward has stepped in as Show Secretary.

Tim would like fanciers who are hoping to attend to contact him with offers of help and support especially with regards to dismantling the staging on the Sunday.

Contact Tim by e-mail at [email protected] or on Facebook Messenger


Offers of help will ensure this great show continues.



 Cleveland Border & Fife Fancy cc.

.Annual General Meeting  


Elected officials 2021


President       Anita Britton

Chairman       M Gorin snr

Treasurer       J South

Show sec       M Gorin jnr

Show coordinator          R Sillitoe

Border show manager   J Rance

Fife show manager        P Downing

Delegates                       J Rance R Sillitoe














  Doncaster Committee 2021


President . P. Lucke

Chairman . P. Lucke

Secretary.  N. Leader

Treasurer . J. Balme

Show Secretary.  C . Egner

Entries Secretary.  A .Wilson

Show Manager . N. Leader

Bio Secretary.  C . Egner

Auditor . N.Leader

Convention Delegate.  C . Egner

Assistant Show Secretary. P . England.

Catering Manager . K . Lucke