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Ronnie Sillitoe

Now representing over 30 clubs both in the UK & Europe, as well as overseas, this new website enables both club officials and fanciers to keep up to date with what is happening both within the Border Convention as it oversees and administers the hobby, in addition to news and show results from all the member clubs.

Working together with other Border websites, the aim of all is to both promote - and safeguard the hobby of breeding and showing Border Canaries.

This Site is to showcase the member Clubs that make up the Border Convention, if any Club can suggest ways the site can be improved please  contact the Secretary.

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News And Updates

"A very sincere welcome to the Border Convention

 I hope you enjoy your visit to our site,and I do hope you find it a useful resource to support your interest in the Border Canary."


         Ronnie Sillitoe - Chairman

Ronnie Sillitoe's Diary 2024

I have just published the last entry for Ronnie's 2024 Diary.

I must congratulate him on his endeavour to give us all an insight into his trials and tribulations (warts and all) for the last six months.

Without fail his weekly report has dropped into my inbox every Friday without fail and more remarkably without any reminders.

This is dedication to the Fancy.

Enjoy your break, and when you return refreshed, I and many other readers, hope you will send us an update on the news from the shed.


John Williams Funeral

John Williams Funeral is on Wednesday 22nd May 10am at Mansfield Crematorium.

3 Peel Crescent

NG19 7LL

John Williams

Nottinghamshire B.F.C.C. are sad to announce the passing today of John Williams, a former President and long standing member of the Club.

 Our condolences to his wife, family and friends , he will be sorely missed.

Albert Holmes

Judges "A" Panel 

Congratulations to Gary Belsey being voted on to the Border Conventions Judges "A" panel at the 2024 A.G.M.. 

We wish you every success in your future judging engagement.

Discount Scheme

For a yearly £6 fee the following can be offered, to join you will need to send a cheque payable to R Sillitoe, 

32 Carvers Court, Brotton, Cleveland, TS122XN. 

You must include your name, address, email and telephone number.

Your details will be passed on so you must agree to this on application, we will take it that you agree when applying. 


We thank the Fife Canary Council for permitting us to partake in this scheme


The Haiths seed deal.

Haiths have very kindly offered a fantastic seed discount on their own brand ‘super clean’ mixed canary deluxe 20kg bag to all members.
After joining Haiths will send you a link with an invitation email with all the details of the huge saving that can be made and the discount code to be applied online to make that saving.
Haiths are delighted to announce the following deal

20kg De Luxe Canary Seed TM £33

20kg bag De Luxe Canary Seed No Rape- £33.87

12.75kg bag of Rearing & Conditioning Food £49.72


Avian Supplies

Any member will be entitled to 10% off any products at Avian Supplies. 

Avian Supplies can distribute to Ireland as well as the UK


Registration of Canaries with D.E,F.R.A

Having just spoken with DE.F.R.A. breeders keeping canaries

in a dedicated bird room with no access to wild birds do not have to register their flock.

Summary of Response to Consultation

Defra have published the results of the consultation on registration of captive birds conducted in Spring of 2023

a link to the consultation can be found on the Defra Consultation page.

Captive Bird Registration Rules

Rules have changed for the registration of captive birds, these were changed in December but seems to have gone under the radar.

Today I have spoken to various departments at Defra and A.P.H.A. but nobody will give me a definite answer on the rule change on canaries only aviary birds and Border canaries in my opinion are not Aviary Birds!

Hopefully they will get back to me tomorrow in the meantime the rules are on the Defra consultation page.

Avian Flu

Highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 has been confirmed at a premises near Hutton Cranswick, East Yorkshire, Yorkshire.

A 3km Protection Zone and a 10km Surveillance Zone have been put in place.

2023 Club and Show Reports

We have been asked to create a page for Clubs to report their thanks to members and exhibitors for their help in 2023.

Rings For 2024


These are now available.

When ordering rings please apply by post, e-mail, or text. Please do not ring as Richard is unable to write down your order whilst working.


Ring Secretary:


Richard Thorley 

12 Park Avenue,

Hucknall Notts NG15 6LQ


Text 077307 94922 


Cheques payable to "The Border Convention"                                              

If paying by BACS please confirm payment by e-mail to


Ronnie Sillitoe's Diary 2024

Ronnie Sillitoe's breeding diary starts today.














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