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Annual General Meeting

Border Canary Association

Annual General Meeting

At the recent AGM  the president of many years Willie Welsh decided to stand down, the club would like to thank Willie for his many years of dedication many which were after he stopped keeping birds.
Bill Angus has stepped forward to fill the role and R. Leslie becoming Vice President, all other office bearers remain the same.
The club have decided to raise the memberships to £10 single & £15 partnership this will include admission and a catalogue for the show, entries to remain at £1 an entry.




Election of Officers 2022


President            John Balme

Chairman            Pete Locke

Vice Chairman    Alan Wilson

Secretary            Nigel Leader

Treasurer            John Balme

Show Manager    Colin Egner

Show Secretary   Stuart Mason

Entries Secretary Alan Wilson

Bio Security         Colin Egner

Catering               Karen Locke

Honoury Life President   Tony Mooney

Senior Steward     Brian Russel


Judges. J. Noonan J. Ireland & M. Lowe

Show 8th October 2022 at New Hall Bawtry


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Specialist Club News


Mr Brian Archer will be judging our open show on the 16th of October 2022



Border Counties

Border Fancy

British Border

The following officials were elected at 2022 AGM

President – Jeff Hamlett 

President Elect – Keith Wadkin 

Chairman – Paul Meacock 

Vice Chairman – Keith Wadkin 

Gen Sec./Treasurer - Jeff Hamlett

Show Secretary – Tim Ward

Auditors—Paul Glover and Peter Harrison 

Publicity Officer – Jeff Hamlett 

Border Convention Delegates - Tim Ward and Keith Wadkin 

Show Manager- Paul Meacock 

Assistant Show Manager – R Thorley 

Trophy Steward – Tim Ward 

International Team Co-ordinator - Keith Wadkin 


After discussion it was concluded that the Senior Citizen subscription is to be removed and all adult single subscriptions be £7. 

Husband and wife subs also to be removed and treated the same as partnerships i.e. £14. Juniors remain Free. 


Affiliation Patronage 

After a lengthy discussion it was concluded that the BBFCC would no longer offer any form of patronage to CBS or Specialist clubs nor would they request patronage. This change has been instigated to simplify the running of the club and reduce work at the annual show. 

Any patronage already requested before the 2022 AGM (19th February 2022) will be honoured.  Any queries regarding this please contact Jeff Hamlett on jeff.hamlett@hotmail.co.uk  



Judges for the 2022 show are J Geldof, W Winklemans.and A McGreechin.  




 Cleveland Border & Fife Fancy cc.

.Annual General Meeting


At a well turned out  Cleveland B&FFCC the following officials were elected

President                Anita Britton

Chairman                Mick Gorin snr

Secretary                 Ronnie  Sillitoe 

Treasurer                John  South

Show sec                Michael Gorin Jnr

Show coordinator   Ronnie Sillitoe

Show manager       John Rance

Delegates               Ronnie Sillitoe 

                               John Rance